Roundup For June 12, 2015

The New York Times does sex bots! Fifth in their excellent Robotica video series.

The MIT team behind a miniature origami robot discuss the thinking behind their project with MIT News (video below)

Forget Moishe’s or your brother in law: the University of Tokyo has got you covered when it comes to hauling heavy boxes around, reports IEEE Spectrum. The real innovation is not getting a bot to lift heavy stuff, it’s getting it to try several different strategies for getting the heavy stuff from A to B. Now if only they can move on to getting sofabeds up staircases…

Robert Reich at the World Economic Forum says that due to automation/the robots taking all our jobs, we need to tax the hell out of the rich and give the money to the poor if we want to have an economy at all.

And NPR’s Planet Money blog reports on cyborg suits.


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