Roundup for June 15, 2015

She lives! The European Space Agency successfully landed an exploration bot, Philae, on a comet a few months back — only for the batteries to run out within days when it turned out the crater she was in was too deeply shadowed for her solar panels to recharge. But the comet’s now closer to the sun, and the bot is back in action. The BBC has more. So does the bot: @Philae2014

The Dutch will attempt to 3D print a bridge.

Baratunde Thurston preaches blithe acceptance of the coming robot apocalypse in Fast Company

Maddie Crum gets deep at HuffPo about the possibilities of robot poetry.

Interesting op-ed from James E. Young about what companies need to do to help humans adapt to working with bots.

Nipping at our heels: A deep learning machine beat humans in an IQ test for the first time.

The Navy is turning its eye to AI and bots in order to help is support/operations divisions.

And BMW and Chinese internet giant Baidu are hoping to beat Google to the punch on self-driving cars.


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