Roundup for June 22, 2015

IBM’s Watson not only wants to help companies stop hurricanes, (per Chris Ciaccia), it will also read your palm…well, your posts, anyway, with a new web app that generates an instant  personality profile based on an excerpt of your writing.

Amazon is using deep machine learning to try and combat spam reviews and improve recommendations, says CNet’s Ben Fox Rubin.

The Pentagon has turned to automation software to cut down on red tape, reports Jared Serbu.

They’re here, they’re chrome, get used to it: BI’s Kathleen Elkins reports on 14 unusual jobs robots are already doing for the World Economic Forum, while PBS’s Joanne Elgart Jennings talks with Martin Ford about three white collar jobs poised to go the way of the dinosaur.

Wearable tech may be getting Wall Street excited, but today’s tech still isn’t accurate enough to make the devices truly useful for health care monitoring or athletes, suggests Rachel Metz in the MIT Tech Review.

And finally, with all the dark news we’ve been hearing about concussions these days, why not just make football players into robots?


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