Roundup for June 24, 2015

Could Apple’s relative squeamishness about strip mining every aspect of its customer’s personal info to feed its machine learning algorithms hobble it when it comes to competing with Google’s A.I.? Yes, says C.I.O.’s Matt Kapok, because we can’t have nice things.

Indian tech giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)  is developing a neural network app called Ignio that could make large chunks of India-based tech support services obsolete, reports Jochelle Mendonca in the India Times

A.I. for everything: Szl’s Nomibot app will read the newspaper for you, reports Ad Week’s Brandy Shual. Soon we will have an app that automatically posts the link to Facebook and starts an argument between your bleeding-heart hippie cousin and your rightwing nut job uncle.

Amazon’s Siri-but-for-automatically-buying-toilet-paper  A.I. assistant Echo will be released to the world today

Just when we literally can’t squeeze another bit onto silicon chips, quantum computing may be ready to move out of the lab, says The Economist

DARPA’s recent contest for emergency robots is still provoking discussion out there on the inter webs, with ComputerWorld’s Sharon Gaudin clearing her throat today to point out that most of the so-called robots in the contest were actually being fully controlled by humans via joystick — in other words, we’re still a long way from true android-style robotic autonomy.

DARPA invented the internet — now it wants to shine a light on the Dark Web, says Josh Philipp

Machine learning is helping to uncover the factors that put patients at risk for PTSD.

And IBM’s Watson has released his first cookbook.


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