Round up June 30, 2015

The internet has already decimated travel agents, now Wired thinks a combo of Google Earth, deep machine learning, and smattering of VR may destroy travel itself, says Cade Metz.

Amazon could be the whip that gets the rest of home automation/internet of things industry in line, suggests ZDNet’s Jason Perlow.

Uber is emerging as a serious competitor to Google on the self-driving car front (h/t Dave Gershgorn)

An overview of how cheap sensors are poised to change the robotics industry.

And robot apocalypses are so popular even the straight-laced and sober-minded Investor’s Business Daily feels compelled to give you its take on how we all might do down — but maybe you can at least make a tidy profit off our robot overlords beforehand (h/t Patrick Seitz)


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