Roundup for July 7, 2015

Wearable fitness devices are already generating more data than the firms that make them know how to deal with, says Sophie Charara, but machine learning techniques may soon be poised to put it to use.

Meanwhile, two Indian startups are already using machine learning for a different sort of wearable — their A.I. helps recommend saris to online shoppers (using similarities in the fabric patterns themselves, instead of just what previous customers purchased).

New consultants’ report predicts that the robotics market could quadruple by 2020, says CNBC’s Althea Chang

Partly because bots are poised to make it off the factory floor and into the public sphere, with Japanese company Cyberdyne introducing a fleet of service bots

Meanwhile, Google’s picture-analyzing A.I. can already generate panoramic views of a location even when given only one or two static shots to start with

And self-driving cars could be the saviour of city cyclists.


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