Intelligent Machine Link Roundup August 17, 2015

Will the quest for a $15 minimum wage make fast food franchises turn to robots?

When a robot screws up, who’s responsible? The law may not have any answers…

Interesting analysis piece of the impact of bots on the battlefield: If bots are trained not to kill the innocent, is a terrorist’s best move hiding among civilians? And if we swap out boots for bots, does that mean shooting down our gadgets end the war?

Gizmodo’s K. Smith-Strickland recaps new efforts to uncover the biases we’re inducing into machine learning.

Cloud, meet the cloud: The L.A. times reports on efforts to use A.I. to give solar adoption a boost by better predicting weather patterns.

Cars vs. chips: The Guardian’s Mark Harris covers the tug of war between Silicon Valley and Detroit to control the development of autonomous cars.

Can we keep big data annonymous, and still make use of it? The Economist is skeptical.


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