Intelligent Machine Line Roundup for August 28, 2015

A fixie gives a conniption to a self-driving car in Austin, showing some of the kinks to be worked out with the tech.

Meanwhile, some of the first self-driving trucks are due to hit Florida highways this year (in a limited role). (Samuel Gibbs)

The eye of Bezos turns toward A.I., reports the WSJ. (Amir Mizroch)

Speaking of Amazon, a new book predicts they’ll soon escape criticism of their treatment of their warehouse workers by replacing those workers with robots. (Todd Bishop).

Facebook tries to one-up Siri by adding a secret ingredient to its virtual assistant…humans. (Cade Metz)

More on the productivity paradox, with Nobel Prize winner and NYU Stern Prof. Michael Spence coming down in favor of the delayed impact theory

Maybe we need to go beyond the Turning test (can a bot converse like a human) and the Lovelace test (can a bot create like a human) to …the Frampton test?

How the second machine age is changing migration patterns. (James Russell)

And finally, a great look at the power of data analysis to unveil….the fact that there were basically no real women on Ashley Madison. (Great piece by Annalee Newitz).


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