Roundup July 2, 2015

If GM and Ford ran Animal Farm, the first law would be “Autonomous cars good, self-driving cars bad,” says The Economist, explaining the distinction between the two and why it matters a heckuva lot to automaker’s bottom lines.

Harvard’s Judith Donath worries about new live streaming video apps igniting the imp of the perverse and the madness of (remote) crowds.

Small heartwarmer about 3D printing helping a toddler with a rare, muscle-atrophying disease (h/t Eddie Krasserstein).

In a peanut butter and chocolate tech collision, MIT is using machine learning to predict which students will drop out of its online courses. (h/t Larry Dignan)

Anthony Wing Kosner interviews the CEO of Enlitic on how deep learning can impact medicine.

You know AI is really happening when each of the tech giants thinks theirs is clever enough to grab hold of your wallet says PC Mag’s Tim Bajarin.

How worried is Elon Musk about the robot apocalypse? $7M worth of worried. (h/t Don Reisinger)


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