Bot of the Week: Moley Robotic’s Robot Chef

The bot of the week this week is a prototype robot chef, which debuted at a trade fair in Germany this April. The bot uses a pair of cutting edge robot hands (NASA is another customer) combined with video-game like motion capture tech to recreate the movements of a chef when making a particular recipe. The idea is that customers will be able to set a timer and arrive home from work not just to find a piping hot meal — but one prepared with the skill of a gourmet chef. The firm behind it, Moley Robotics, said it hopes to have a product to market by 2018, for around $10,000. (Though it’s not clear how realistic those goals are — as of this writing, the start up’s website is down.) And there’s some big caveats — at the moment, the human owner still has to do all the prep work for the meal, and have the ingredients set up within easy reach for the bot. CNET has more details on how it all works.


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