Roundup for July 10, 2015

What happens when you teach a drone to tail a submarine? Really interesting article on the strategic implications of drone tech for the Navy from David Blagden

Those whacky kids over at DARPA are also hoping that A.I. can replace network admins (or at least help them spot security holes before they’re exploited). (h/t Kevin McCaney)

IBM is making a big push to prove its Watson tech can do a lot more than win at Jeopardy, says Will Knight

And the sharks of Wall Street are sniffing their own shivers for blood, with Arjun Kharpal reporting on a new startup that uses A.I. to pick stocks and the WSJ on Wall Street firms trying out bot-generated analyst reports

While some bots may be trawling through the gutters, however, others are looking at the stars: Astronomers have come up with a galaxy-spotting A.I. (via Clara Guibourg)

Back here on earth, though, our little metal helpmeets may have some way to go: A bevy of online tools meant to aid self-diagnoses have a pretty shockingly high error rate, reports the Boston Globe’s Felice Freyer. (Here’s the full study in the BMJ). Looks like “WebMD: It’s always cancer” still holds true for now.


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