Roundup for July 13, 2015

Google and Apple want to know what you’re up to there in your car, but car makers don’t want to play ball. Reuters suggest they might be a $40 billion market at stake….

Robots are getting to be a little more like people…at least when it comes to their knees and elbows.

Google is adding A.I. to its spam filters

And Twitter is adding A.I. engineers to its staff, in the hope of preventing everybody from drowning in irrelevant bullshit. (Point to ponder: is not providing an never-ending stream of distracting irrelevancies kind of the point of Twitter?)

Also, farmers are intrigued by the possibilities of robots, drones and other high tech to improve crop yields, but tech companies are going to have to come up with much, much better owner’s manuals if they really want to see adoption

And last but far from least, a car company in Japan is working on a real Transformer. An actual, no-shit, 11-foot-tall robot that turns into a two-seat car. Michael Bay is somewhere having a heart attack…


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