Roundup for July 20, 2015

Can A.I. stop human ingenuity in its tracks? Social media sites hope so, at least when it comes to trolls. Wired’s Davey Alba profiles Twitter et al’s attempts to stop harassment via machine learning, while this blog post at The Guardian chronicles their own dev team’s first efforts to put paid to troublesome comments.

A robot has demonstrated self-awareness….if you count solving a logic puzzle as demonstrating self-awareness. See here for video of the experiment:

Stanford has developed a bot that can successfully write image captions in clear English sentences. (h/t Rich McCormick).

The Financial Times’ Geoff Dyer has a deep dive on the Pentagon’s push to make warfighting a robot’s job.

While Selena Larson talks to the team behind Megabots (the guys that just challenged a Japanese team to a giant robot fight) about their efforts to make robot boxing a spectator sport.


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