Roundup for July 17, 2015

IBM wants to help teachers with its Watson tech, but they’re skeptical (h/t Mary Jo Madda). Meanwhile, it’s tryng to help the rest of us tone it down — or up, as the case may be, with a free app to analyze the emotional tenor of your correspondence. (via Dan Terdiman) .

Google’s self-driving cars were involved in another accident, the first to produce minor injuries. Chris Urmson, who heads up the self-driving project over at Google, takes to Medium to sniff that once again it was the human driver in the other car at fault (with video evidence). Once we’re all being driven around by eternally vigilant bots stuff like this won’t happen, he suggests. Which is why your car insurance might soon drop to $250 a year, projects an article in Forbes.

I feel like I’ve read a dozen articles saying that A.I. will be a boon to “wearables” aka fitness and health trackers like the Fitbit and Apple Watch. The Verge has a piece on what seems to be one of the first companies actually trying to implement it.

On the home front, GE-backed home automation startup Quirky is broke, says its CEO — does its doom mean consumers just aren’t ready yet for the Internet of Things? (h/t Stacey HigginbothamJulie Jacobson).

Can drones do more than take pretty pictures? One startup sure hopes so, with CNet profiling 3D Robotics’ plans to create an app store for drones. (via Nick Statt).


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