Roundup for July 21, 2015

Hollywood is forever coming up with new ways to terrify us with the power of smart machines, but this maybe one they haven’t yet hit on: It seems machine learning could make telemarketing more efficient, according to this profile of a young South African startup by Jacques Coetzee.

Self driving cars are getting their own ghost town to toodle around in, with U. Michigan opening up a 32 acre test facility. And that’s just where they should be, says Michigan Sen. Gary Peters, an influential voice on the hill on cars and tech. (h/t Keith Naughton).

This month’s Science Mag is all about A.I., with a bunch of interesting stuff, including an article about what movies get A.I. right. Also included is a paper about why economists should love A.I.: Unlike actual humans, it may actually be rational an therefore actually behave according to their models.

Also, the hitch bot is on the loose. Follow him and cross your fingers.


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