Roundup of intelligent machine links for July 22, 2015

A case for evolutionary algorithms as A.I.’s next big thing

A new study on robot surgery says it’s unclear how many complications — and deaths — it contributes to, says Keith Wagstaff. (Link to the full study).

A new startup is hoping to use deep learning to improve genetic testing for diseases, says WaPo’s Matt McFarland

Autopilot ain’t just a piece of jargon anymore: DARPA has begun testing robot fighter jocks (h/t John Markoff).

WIRED has more details on the self-driving car test ground we linked to yesterday, but in much more frightening news also has this awesome story on how hackers can now remote control your car (they cut the reporter’s transmission when he was going full speed on a highway; scary, reckless reporting from Andy Greenberg).

And in case you needed a little levity after all that heavy stuff, here’s a bunch of pictures of robots playing soccer at the 2015 Robocup


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