Media Monday: Marc Goodman and Future Crimes

Came across a great podcast from a couple months back with Marc Goodman, who has written the book Future Crimes. The Wired podcast covers a lot of ground, from crowd-sourcing theft to how to frame a national justice minister with his own fingerprints, but the item that jumped out at me most in particular was Goodman’s remarks on the hackability of the Internet of Things:

“Most folks don’t realize the extent to which the whole world is becoming a computer. All physical objects in our space are de-materializing and are being transformed into information technology….A [modern car] is a computer that we ride in, an elevator is a computer that we ride in, an airplane is a Solaris box that we fly in. All of these devices are hackable.”

This has particular resonance this month, with a new Wired piece in which a reporter Andy Greenberg had hackers cut his transmission while going full speed down the highway. I hope to speak to Goodman more about the implications of this hackability, especially as self-driving cars get closer to reality, but for now this podcast is definitely worth checking out.


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