Intelligent Machine Link Roundup for July 28, 2015

Professor Stephen Hawking is doing an Ask Me Anything session at Reddit — typically the guest respondent spends a few hours answering questions live, but due to Prof. Hawking’s constraints he’s going to be typing out answers over the coming days. Top of the agenda are questions about his views on A.I. and why he’s supporting research into better controlling/restricting it — check it out to see his answers.

Matt Yglesias outs himself as a Gordonite, arguing that if anything, we should be begging robots to take our jobs, if it will help increase productivity

The BBC on some of the obstacles preventing widespread driverless car adoption

A bit technical, but this recap of what coming 5G wireless standard could mean for the next evolution of mobile tech — remote control everything, tactile sensations transmitted wirelessly — is fascinating. (Merc√® Gamell)

And a small piece about an open hardware robot contest in Kansas.


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