Intelligent Machine Links Roundup for August 4, 2015

Interesting look from Bloomberg on how the insurance industry is tackling the threat from driverless cars. (Noah Buhayar, Peter Robinson). Here’s one interesting little paragraph that jumped out at me:

Allstate already offers a device that tracks driving behavior so policyholders can earn rewards for safe practices. Wilson wonders: Why not use that information to offer customers a coupon when they drive past a restaurant?

On the health care tip, two new approaches to using A.I. to help care for the elderly:

A.I. and sophisticated sensors are the new medi-alert for patients with dementia. (Ellie Kincaid)

And IBM’s Watson is being used to help spot early signs of patient’s decline — before they may know it themselves.

Nuclear Scientists ain’t afraid of no big bad A.I. Edward Moore Geist provides a great, succinct capsule history of A.I. research and its failed promise — and suggests why the singularity is the least of our worries (Not that there aren’t other worries).

An unlooked for use for drones: Shootin’ varmits. One Australian company is sees the potential.

And finally: One tech crunch contributor reviews current advances in machine learning and policing and wonders whether we want to hold up before we go full Minority Report.


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