Intelligent Machine Link Roundup for July 29, 2015

First link of the day is a really fascinating interactive crib sheet to explain how machine learning works, from the design team at R2D3, aka Stephanie Yee and Tony Chu. I’m excited to see their follow ups..

Amazon is super serious about drone delivery, pushing their plan for a separate airspace at a conference on how to manage commercial drone operations (Matt O’Brien)

Can all that data self-driving cars be put to good use fighting air pollution? One company hopes so. (Angela Fritz)

The philosopher in the driver’s seat…er, chip: Car companies are consulting with ethicists to help design self-driving cars. (Will Knight.)

MIT’s SLAM system is creating real terminator-style vision for robots. (Levi Sharpe)

And UMass Amhest is helping to train the next generation of roboticists…but first they have to train their parents and teachers


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