Roundup for July 16, 2015

Re/Code goes deep on deep learning, with an explanatory op-ed and over-the-top profile of its godfathers. (To hear Hinton explain himself, check out the podcast we linked here.) Mark Bergen and Kurt Wagner are pulling the steam whistle on the hype train.

Meanwhile, in a story I’m sure Kevin Roose filed while doing his best Mutley impression, it appears the AP’s story-writing robot may have bollixed up an earnings piece on Netflix, sending the markets into a tizzy.

A op ed in the Journal of Higher Ed suggests that the solution to the robots taking away jobs problem is to let us all become permanent grad students. Keep talking your book, Josh Kim.

On a more practical tip, a Forbes pieces takes a deep dive on what’s driving consumer adaptation of home automation.

And the IEEE would like to point out that people freaking out about artificial intelligence while scientists mock them is a pastime as old as computer science itself, thanks to Alan Turning.


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